Who We Are

The Gulf Energy Alliance (GEA) is a coalition of allied organizations and leading independent operators devoted to safe and responsible production that support policies and regulations that encourage investment, innovation, and job creation in the offshore energy industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help inform and educate top decision makers in business, government, and the public on the ever-changing innovations in offshore exploration that continue to transform our nation’s energy landscape and the broader U.S. economy, sparking investment and creating jobs in hundreds of local communities.  We actively support policies and regulations that foster opportunities to further support the U.S. as an independent and responsible energy producer.  We also are committed to work with stakeholders, regulators, and elected officials at all levels of government on ways to improve legacy and proposed regulations that threaten our nation’s energy momentum and ongoing opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico.

Founding Members

Alliance Partners

If you are interested in joining the Alliance or learning more about our efforts, please contact us at [email protected].