Late on Friday January 6th, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management made this announcement, updating guidance on the concerning and controversial Notice to Lessees 2016-N01.

Considering the pronounced industry and Gulf community push-back and concern led by our coalition – as well as the frustration of Capitol Hill lawmakers regarding the regulations – BOEM has decided, with industry input and collaboration, to focus the regulatory lens only on sole liability properties in the short-term.

This is a significant step by BOEM to properly examine decommissioning needs and priorities, and also allows an extended time period for all actors in the Gulf to work with the incoming Trump Administration and the 115th Congress to develop a reasonable and workable framework.

You can view the Alliance statement below, and our Alliance will continue to be engaged with BOEM, the incoming Trump Administration, and the 115th Congress to carefully examine the NTL and its deep implications for the offshore community and the economic growth of the broader Gulf of Mexico region.